Press the ‘Help’ button in the top menu. Help for the page you’re on will appear. Or go to your my account page, reset the site tours and you’ll be taken on a tour of PT of Choice features. If your question remains unanswered you can contact us here.

All information displayed in profiles is stored in our database. We also store billing information such as business addresses. We track visits to profiles through Google Analytics but no personal information is tracked here. We do not store credit card details in any way, shape or form.

We protect your information in the following ways.

  • Encrypt all communication between your computer and our server with an SSL certificate.
  • Encrypt your passwords. If a hacker obtains your password from our database it will be gibberish to them.
  • We use a variety of techniques to keep out hackers including spam protection, blacklisting dodgy ips, preventing multiple wrong login attempts, scanning files for unauthorised changes and so on.
Personal Trainers and Gym Owners

Yes. You do this in two ways.

  1. from the my account page view the subscription you want to upgrade and then select ‘Change Subscription’.
  2. If you have signed up for two or more subscriptions you can move individual profiles between them. The profile takes on the tier of the subscription that contains it. To do this go to the edit profiles screen. Then simply drag and drop profiles from one subscription to another.

Yes. You can downgrade subscriptions using the same method as for upgrading. All the data you entered for premium or platinum features is kept, so if you revert your subscription you won’t need to resubmit any information.

If you miss a payment then any profiles within that subscription are downgraded to basic level. The profiles stay online but premium or platinum features are disabled. You will still turn up in search results.

You will need to make a manual payment to correct your balance. Once this is done the profiles will revert back to premium or platinum.

Yes you can. You can go to the shop page and add multiple subscriptions to your cart at the same time. Alternatively you can sign up for a new subscription every time you create a new profile.